Online Courseware: Overview

Venture Highway

Venture Highway is a company built by successful academics, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Our mission is to help instructors that are guiding entrepreneurs in a classroom environment, or with a new business venture.   Entrepreneurship curriculum is all we do!

The Venture Highway integrated platform

Venture Highway’s online entrepreneurship platform is a flexible, effective, and comprehensive suite of courses and courseware for instructors of entrepreneurship.  We provide all of the course reading material, instructor materials, and tools that you need to make the job of training and inspiring young entrepreneurs effective, interactive, experiential, and fun.

  • Continuously updated content with supplemental links and videos
  • Access your course from anywhere
  • Customize your course by adding your own materials
  • Start with our sample presentations, classroom exercises, and syllabi and customize them to meet your needs
  • Interact with our online community of instructors
  • Manage your course with our instructor dashboard
  • Interact with students or teams of students as they work on their online Business Plan or Business Model Canvas
  • Easy to use with plenty of help provided.  Here is a link to our help videos, including a course builder instruction video that shows how easy it is to create a course.

For more information, request a demo or sign up and explore the site.


  • Sign up for an instructor account (no cost)
  • Choose one of our courses, and then customize it to meet the specific needs of your classroom.
  • You can add materials (i.e. links, documents, presentations), assign our tools or add your own assignments, assign due dates and grade weights, and create your own welcome page with your school logo
  • Use our sample presentations, syllabi, classroom exercises, tests and quizzes and modify them to meet your needs, or upload your own.
  • Students receive a course code, then sign up on Venture Highway to join the class and access all course materials.  Students pay $69.99 for all course materials, much less than most textbooks
  • Students can collaborate on assignments using our tools
  • Students submit all assignments online, and can be viewed, commented on, and graded on the instructor dashboard
  • Instructors can communicate with students on specific assignments
  • Students and educators access all material from any Internet connected device

Request a Demo or Sign Up Here and explore the site!