Mission and Vision


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help entrepreneurship instructors

We don't just give you tools and text to TEACH entrepreneurship courses, we help you make more successful entrepreneurs.  We help you get students and other learners interested and PASSIONATE about becoming an entrepreneur.  We help you to teach them to see the opportunities in the chaos and to put together a business model that reduces inefficiencies and waste, things that kill startups. And, we put this all together in an awesome integrated learning platform to make it easy for everyone.

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We Believe

Textbooks Are Obsolete

Textbooks are obsolete, especially in entrepreneurship.  You can't get passionate and ready to start a new venture by reading a book and taking a test.  Venture Highway has world class, usable content.  We combine the academic with the practical in a way that students will understand, and use. 

Collaboration Enhances Learning

Students work on a Business Model Canvas or a business plan together.  They share ideas with each other, and with outside mentors and coaches.  Instructors see what students see and can communicate directly.

Managing Content & Resources Should Be Easy

You can add your own content and other resources to the Venture Highway platform for each class you lead.  We will keep a huge set of curated content updated on the site for you to choose from.

Leveraging Technology Increases Engagement

Don't use technology just because you think it will help.  Use it to increase the engagement and understanding of your students. 

Student Experiences Should Mirror Reality

Students want to be challenged, and not just by taking exams.  Being an entrepreneur means working in teams, public speaking, business planning, making real decisions.  Can you really get that from a textbook? 

Content, Tools And Activities Should Be Seamlessly Integrated

Why should you, and students, go multiple places for the relevant parts of a course?  Venture Highway has world class content, online tools and other activities all in one place.  Students and educators work together, all on the same system. 


For more information, request a demo or sign up and explore the site.